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We are looking for high-quality, growth-minded, mission-driven teachers who push students to achieve at the highest levels in our city and to be competitive with student achievement rates across the state. If this describes you, please send a resume and cover letter to

Why Libertas?

Libertas Academy provides a desirable place to work, develop as a professional, and build a career in urban education. We provide a working environment where respect of teachers is the norm and teachers will have leader support in addressing classroom challenges. We provide ongoing PD that will consist of coaching and support: it will involve frequent, short observations that include coaching in real time and immediate feedback with manageable action steps. Because we will be growing each year, there will are opportunities for professional growth. Teachers will be compensated for additional duties such as teaching at our Saturday Math or our Summer Academy.

Teachers will be provided with significant professional development opportunities, including:

  • 30 full professional development days, with 20 days of summer training;
  • 10 full professional development days through the year including five (5) focused on data analysis;
  • Two hours of weekly professional development on early dismissal Fridays;
  • Weekly classroom observations followed by feedback sessions and practice-based coaching with instructional leadership;
  • A minimum of 110 minutes of planning time daily;
  • Common planning time over the summer and for two periods daily throughout the school year, allowing them to plan together, design common assessments, and ensure horizontal and vertical alignment;
  • And ongoing coaching in classrooms.

Application and Hiring Process

  1. Submit resume and cover letter
  2. One-way Video Interview
  3. Phone Interview
  4. In-Person Interview
  5. Reference Check
  6. Offer is Made

2021-22 Openings


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