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The path to college and a successful profession begins the moment students enter our school. We believe that starts with our teachers and our team. We believe that without great teachers, nothing else matters.

Our Hiring Process and Open Roles

Why join Libertas Academy?

We believe that without great teachers, nothing else matters. Here’s what we commit to:

  • Mission-Driven. We believe in our students’ limitless potential and that their past does not dictate their future. We believe that each and every one of our students must read, think, and discuss critically. We believe in providing an academic curriculum that prepares all our students to access and succeed in college. We believe in social-emotional learning, character development, and self advocacy. If you believe this, we want you.
  • 1-on-1 Coaching. Teachers have weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions that include classroom observations and debriefs. Foci include curriculum and calendar pacing, proactively planning for student misconceptions, exploratory lesson instruction, and assessment cycle data analysis. Coaching Cycles are designed to develop specific pedagogical skills and instructional moves that place the academic rigor on student critical thinking and communicating as addressed above.
  • Dedicated professional development. We have implemented a robust teacher coaching program that starts with a 15-day summer training and continues with ongoing coaching cycles throughout the year. Every Friday, school ends at 1:00 PM so teachers and staff have dedicated professional development sessions, team collaboration, and collaboration time. All teachers also have dedicated flex periods to plan and review lessons, meet with team members and coaches, partner with families, and complete other role-specific tasks.
  • Support systems and teams. We are a team of teams. Teachers have opportunities to collaborate and grow within departments, grade levels, and school-wide student teams as well as working with highly capable operations, student support, and school culture teams to advance learning. We strive to provide all necessary technology, resources, and supplies to teachers and staff so our team can focus on their craft and student learning.
  • Our adult environment. Our team reports that we create a welcoming environment given our varying backgrounds (race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, and religion) and that the mission and purpose of Libertas makes us feel that our job is important. We believe in diversity of thought, experience, and background and in the power of both working alongside people who are similar and different to us. What’s more, we know deeply the positive and profound impact it can have on our students to have teachers and staff who reflect them and aspects of their own identity.

Hear from our team!


“It’s a family – it’s a place where we have family members that work here because everyone knows that we’re all rowing in the same direction. As an adult, when you’re looking for stability in life you want that, you want to know that you’re part of a team that is actually wanting to see you succeed…”

-Mr. Barone, 8th Grade Math Teacher


“I came on as a teacher, within the first year I grew into the position of a grade level chair, 2 years after that I’ve been moved up to the Asst. Dean Position so the growth every year both financially and in has been evident been supported in professional development opportunities – they’ve hunted situations for me and opportunities outside of our charter.”

-Ms. Rodriguez, Founding 6th Grade Math Teacher and Current 9th Grade Science Teacher

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