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Our Approach

LIbertas Academy is two academies in one: our Lower Academy includes 6-8th grades and Upper Academy includes 9-11th grades and will welcome 12th grade for the 2024-25 school year in their forever home. As a school community, we embrace the below seven core beliefs as a way to create a responsive and unique learning community for our students. We adapt the strategies aligned to each of these beliefs to the varying needs of students based on age of upper and lower academies, but the core of each belief is the same and is reflected in all choices made throughout both academies.

Core Beliefs

We believe that the most important skill our students must possess is the ability to read. Reading is the gateway to a life of opportunities. All students have individualized, annual reading goals and over the course of the academic year, we track and celebrate both overall academic growth in terms of grade level reading proficiency.  In addition to embedding literacy across all content areas, our students have 30 minutes of dedicated time daily with specific reading interventions also offered to our students who most need them. Success in college and beyond demands strong reading, writing, and discussion skills regardless of the major/field of study that a student chooses.

Core Values

We embrace our differences in ways that continuously enrich and strengthen us

Set a high bar and pursue it with purpose

We recognize each other's value as humans

We intentionally spread moments

of happiness, celebration and positivity

Cultivate and grow your full potential

We honor our past, strengthen our present, and build a stronger Libertas

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