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Compliance and Safety


  • Comprehensive Plan: Our team has a tailored plan for school students and staff that includes fire drill, earthquake drill, medical drill, intruder drill, and other non-evacuative drills. All teachers have drill guidance included directly in their classrooms and there are evacuation plans throughout the building. You can find our LACS MultiHazard & Medical Emergency Response Plan here.
  • CPR Trained Staff: We have a set of staff members trained to conduct CPR in the event of an emergency.
  • School Safety Team: We maintain an active school safety team that meets regularly to assess drill efficacy and reviews the drill logs to ensure the practice has taken place.
  • Transportation Policies: In partnership with Springfield Public School, we offer transportation to all students who live 2.1 or greater miles from campus. Interested families should contact our main office to complete a transportation request form that we will submit on behalf of them to the SPS Transportation Department for review. As soon as they notify us if the student is eligible, given the distance from home, we will contact interested in maintain transportation policy and network transportation supervisor in their main office.


Libertas Academy works to maintain full compliance with all Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations.

  • Our 2022-23 Annual Report can be found here
  • ESSERIII - Click here for our Implementation Plan for the FY22 ESSERIII grant.
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